PORTLAND, MAINE -- September 6, 2017 -- Ocean’s Balance, Inc., a pioneering Maine company that makes delicious, innovative seaweed products, announced today that it has partnered with The Yarn Corporation to create a cutting-edge virtual reality video entitled “From Sea to Table” which it will unveil at Natural Products Expo East 2017 in Baltimore from September 14-16, 2017.

Visitors to Ocean’s Balance’s booth #8524 will be able to able to don a headset and be transported to a 360 video world of seaweed: to a laboratory where seaweed spores are propagated, to a seaweed farm in the stunning Gulf of Maine, to a chef’s kitchen where tasty dishes made with seaweed are prepared. This visionary interactive media experience will delight your senses and enrich your knowledge about sustainable food production and the myriad benefits of seaweed both for your body and the planet. Visitors to Ocean’s Balance will also meet our team of seaweed experts, sample dishes prepared with our signature Kelp Purée product, and learn about the vast health benefits of a seaweed-infused diet.

“Ocean’s Balance is a leader in a small but thriving seaweed industry in Maine that is farming macroalgae from the sea and creating healthy, delicious foods that are good for people and the planet,” said Mitchell Lench, president of Ocean’s Balance.  “Seaweed is a unique alternative to traditional vegetables and proteins because it needs no fresh water, no arable land, and no fertilizers to grow. We believe that when Americans learn about the health and taste benefits of seaweed, they will want to include it in all kinds of dishes, from pizza to soups to smoothies, to fudge.  We’re excited to share a new virtual reality experience with consumers, students and teachers to help spread the word.”

Ocean’s Balance Kelp Purée is available in quart- and gallon-sized containers for food service, and also in attractive 9-ounce retail jars.

The Time for Seaweed Has Come

Americans are starting to learn about the variety of benefits from a diet rich in macroalgae, including antioxidants, proteins, minerals, dietary fiber, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and trace elements. Consuming a variety of macroalgae as part of a daily diet is also considered beneficial to cardiovascular health.

The case for seaweed consumption is growing:

1.     Seaweed salt is healthier salt.  Seaweed's content of potassium salts does not lead to high blood pressure -- unlike the sodium salts, typically encountered in processed food.

2.     Some seaweed species contain large amounts of natural iodine, which is critical to maintaining a healthy rate of metabolism, and overall good health.

3.     Seaweed contains beneficial proteins, antioxidants, minerals, trace elements, dietary fiber and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

4.     Seaweed contains umami – the fifth basic taste – which is known to promote satiety and hence regulate food intake in addition to reduce the craving for salt, sugar and fat.

5.     Seaweed contains few calories, and is gluten free!

“American consumers are demanding healthier food and pure ingredients that are closer to nature,” said Lench. “Savvy food manufacturers understand that unique ingredients like seaweed can add taste and dense nutritional values that consumers want. ‘Kelp yourself to good health’ is our motto, and we stand by it.”

Enjoy the visual experience of virtual reality, learn more about the benefits of seaweed, and sample tasty dishes prepared with our products.

Visit us at Booth # 8524 in the Hot Products Pavilion.