Do your seaweed smarts begin and end with the nori sheets wrapping sushi rolls and the ubiquitous neon salad?  But there are thousands of different kinds of seaweed, many of which are native to the waters in the Gulf of Maine. row naturally right off the coast of Maine. The coast of Maine is home to many different varieties of seaweed. 

There are many varieties of seaweed out there, but Ocean's Balance uses the most flavorful and nutritious in our products.


Sugar Kelp or Saccharina latissima 

The most versatile of the sea vegetables, there's a reason it has 'sugar' in its name.  Also known as kombu, this sea green produces the natural sugar mannitol, which gives it the sweetness for which it is known. Its mild flavor has herbal and fruity undertones, making it by far the most accessible of the sea green family. 








Winged Kelp or Alaria 

another late winter/early spring harvested crop






Red in color, with a hint of bacon flavor nestled in its crunchy texture. Early spring harvest

Horsetail Kelp or Laminaria digitata